Wooden Pizza Peel 8x9x14


Wooden Pizza Pe

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Easily glide your hot and ready pizzas, calzones, or baked sandwiches right out of the oven using this 8″ x 9″ American Metalcraft 814 standard blade short handle wood pizza peel. The wooden handle offers a grip which is comfortable, sleek, and smooth, allowing you to transport your pizza creations confidently and efficiently. Also, since the blade is made of wood, it can be sealed with oil. This cuts back on burns or scorch marks.

Wooden peels are also better at holding the pizza on the peel and are gentler on the pizza than metal peels whose slick, sharp surfaces can inadvertently slice or cut pizzas. Its poplar wood constructions holds up better than an alternative in pinewood. And your customers will love the rustic charm! The short, 5″ handle is perfect for easy maneuvering.

Overall Dimensions:
Blade Length: 9″
Blade Width: 8″
Handle Length: 5″
Overall Length: 14″

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