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Cooking and holding food at safe holding temperatures is vital to any food service operation, and investing in a food cooker/warmer can be a great way to maximize production. Ideal for busy concession stands, cafeterias, or hotel breakfast bars, this unit can be used to hold already-hot products at safe temperatures for hours. An intuitive dial with markings of “Off” and “1-10″ allows you to easily adjust the temperature depending on what you’re serving or cooking. An indicator light above the dial lets you tell at a glance if the warmer is turned on. Its lightweight design with cord and standard plug make this warmer easy to transport and install just about anywhere, which is great for applications like catered events and food trucks. The water well is made from corrosion-resistant 20 gauge, stainless steel and holds one full size, two 1/2 size, or three 1/3 size steam table pans (all sold separately), up to 4” deep. Featuring clearly marked “Max” and “Min” lines on the inside of the water tank, the user-friendly design makes it easy for employees to tell when it’s time to refill the unit.

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