11″ Round Wire Fry Basket


11″ Round Wire

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A must-have in any food service establishment, the Winco FBR-11 Round Mesh Wire Fry Basket 10-1/2″ is perfect for all your deep-frying needs. Designed to securely hold food items, this fry basket also facilitates fast drainage of excess liquids while its cross support underneath provides additional support.

Thanks to its nickel-plated construction, this rust-resistant round culinary basket endures high temperatures without warping. For added convenience, this fry basket has an open handle for a secure grip and a front drain hook so it can be placed on the side of the pan to let grease drip off.

  • Nickel-plated construction
  • 4 Mesh wiring
  • Loop handle
  • Dimensions: 10-1/2″ diameter x 6″, 9″ handle

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